Our History

Bjarnessen Enterprises was founded in 1993 by Thomas Bjarnessen and Bjarne Bjarnessen and our first mine opened the following year. After the flooding of lucrative mine 3 in 2003 and some financial challenges following this, the wealthy industrialst H.E. Pennypacker attempted a hostile takeover in the spring of 2004. After countless trails the founders were able to keep most of the company, Pennypacker were only able to obtain 30 % of the shares, while Thomas and Bjarne each holds 40 %. After a tumultuous start, the three owners eventually came to respect each other and today its a blooming relationship, taking Bjarnessen Enterprises into the 21st century. Today Bjarnessen Enterprises is one of the largest miners of ethereal materials

Board of Directors


H.E. Pennypacker

Chairman & Wealthy Industrialst

A mysterious wealthy industrialist, enganged in numerous industries.


Thomas Bjarnessen

CEO & Founder

Thomas Bjarnessen is a former paratrooper, now a successful businessman and entrepreneur


Bjarne Bjarnessen

Lead Developer & Founder

Mathematician and theoretical physicist, nobody knows exactly what he does